Since 2007, Gavkon is being engaging  shipbuilding as well as their repair, reconstruction and renovation. International shipyard’s in Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain are always glad to cooperate with us and provide the most favourable conditions.

During the years of successful work, Gavkon took part in implementation of more than 50 projects. New technologies used in interior decoration and in all types of welding allow to achieve the best results.
Quality warranty and reliability of the services provided by Gavkon is the key for long-term and fruitful cooperation with every client!

  • Turnkey projects
  • Piping systems installation
  • Sprinkler systems installations
  • Fire fighting systems installation
  • HVAC installations
  • Insulation works;
  • Repair and maintenance of the ship auxiliary machinery
  • Certified welding works (TIG / MIG / MAG / MMA);
  • Steel Structures Manufacturing
  • Ship interior works
  • Supervision and inspection service;
  • Staff rent
  • Background Outfitting works
  • Hull outfitting works


YearProjectCustomerShipyardWork done
2021M/S Costa ToscanaMeyer, RM, KaeferTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2021M/S Global 1NIT, EuroplanWismar, GermanyPipe&HVAC work
2020M/S Finbo Cargo
Eckero lineHelsinkiPipe&HVAC work, steel construction
2020M/S Mardi GrasMeyer, RM, KaeferTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2019M/S Costa SmeraldaMeyer, RM, KaeferTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2019M/S Mein Shiff 2Orsap, Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NIT, RMTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2018M/S Global 1NIT, EuroplanWismar, GermanyPipe&HVAC work, cabin connection
2018M/S Mein Shiff 1Orsap, Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NITTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2017M/S Mein Schiff 6Orsap, Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NITTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2016M/S Harmony of the SeasEuroplanSaint-Nazaire, FrancePipe&HVAC work
2016M/S Mein Schiff 5Orsap, Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NITTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2015M/S Mein Schiff 4Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NITTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2014M/S Mein Schiff 3Shipbuilding Completion Oy, Kaefer, NITTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2013M/S Disney MagicFCR Finland LtdCadiz, SpainPipe&HVAC work
2012M/S Viking GraceKaeferTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work
2011M/S Splendour of the SeasFCR Finland LtdCadiz, SpainPipe&HVAC work
M/S Pacific PearlFCR Finland LtdSingaporePipe&HVAC work
2010M/S Allure of the seasKaefer, MML, Alandia Engineering AbTurku, FinlandTurku, Finland
M/S Oasis of the SeasKaefer, MML, Alandia Engineering AbTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2008M/S Independence of the SeasKaefer, MMLTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation
2007M/S Liberty of the SeasMML oyTurku, FinlandPipe&HVAC work, insulation



Staff rent

Through Gavkon, you can easily get skilled workers for any kind of job – without the hassle of recruitment and red tape. We have professionals on our books from both Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. You can get the workers who suit your tasks best from us, in under a week, for example. We also sort out the required official documentation.

Our skilled construction industry workers include fitters who are ready to help at both new building and renovation sites.

Our fitters for industrial insulation works, on the other hand, carry out a diverse range of jobs, from industrial pipe insulation to boiler insulation.

Gavkon supplies welders for jobs, for example for machine shops, shipyards and construction sites. There are both TIG welders and MIG/MAG welders in our work pool.


Konstantin Otseljuk
Managing Director

Natalja Kokoreva
Project Assistant
+372 55664501

Sergei Levada
Project Manager

Roman Jatskus
Site Manager

Svetlana Atamanenko
HR Manager
+372 56856227

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