If you face the complicated problem connected with implementation of turnkey shipbuilding projects 
If it is required to finish the vessel building within a very short period
If you have to erect shipboard systems and pipelines, 
If... this list may be endless!

Since the date of out establishment in 2007, Gavkon Ltd international company provides the complete set of services in the field of building new ships, vessel overhaul, upgrading and renewal, namely:

  • Turn-key projects;
  • Piping installation;
  • Insulation works;
  • Installation of vent systems;
  • AC and ventelation system;
  • Vessel hull assembly;
  • Electrics;
  • Repair and maintenance of the ship equipment;
  • Certified welding works (TIG / MIG / MAG / MMA);
  • Welded steel structures;
  • Basic designing (Autocad, Sea Solution, PDM);
  • Supervising and inspection service;
  • Measurement of vibration level;
  • Measurement of the metal residual thickness;
  • Measurement of the sound pressure level;
  • Luminosity measurement in rooms.

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